Fire Truck Neapolitan Mobile Wood Fired Pizza

We bring our 1990 Mack Fire Truck, that is custom fit with a 3,000 lb Neapolitan Wood Burning Pavesi Pizza Oven, to your party or event. It burns between 850 and 950 degrees and will cook your pie in 90 seconds. Then we proceed by making traditional and imaginative pizza creations for all your guests. Our Mozzarella, Olive Oil, Tomato sauce and Flour are of the highest quality. Our Caputo 00 Flour and Ciao Tomatoes are produced in and around lava enriched soil in the Mount Vesuvius/ Naples regions of Italy. Most of our other ingredients when possible are locally sourced in the Tri-State area, so we try and practice as best we can Farm to Table for the tastiest pizza possible.

Let us come to your door step and WOW your guests with our wonderful wood fired Neapolitan Pizzas and turn an ordinary party into a fun and memorable experience for everyone.




We serve buffet style and will provide several pizza varieties of your choosing to present to your guests. We will provide clients our list of pizzas that we can make and ask them to choose five of our pizza selections at your event. If extra servers are needed we may be able to provide waitstaff for your function.



We will usually show up to your party 1 1/2 hours before your event to get the temperature of the oven nice and HOT. Our Neapolitan Pizza Fire Truck is 28 feet long by 8 feet wide and is pretty self sufficient. While we have a generator on board, you might be more interested in keeping the noise to a minimum by letting us connect our truck up to an outlet near the house.

Since our truck is about 11,000 pounds in total we are little restricted in where we be able to park it. We would need as level a place to park preferably in a driveway or in front of a house on the road. Since the truck does weigh so much we can not be held responsible for damage to lawn, landscaping, anything underground or any oil drippings on your driveway or any other surface.

We also come to your party rain or shine and will be making our pizzas under a tent we will also setup a serving table to wherever the party has moved, either indoors, under a tent or any other protected area.



We require a 50% of total deposit to book an event. No party is considered booked until the deposit is received and accepted. Deposits received will be on a strict first come first served policy. So please be prompt with your deposit. Deposits will be returned in full with at least 30 days notice of cancellation of party. If party is cancelled with less then 30 days notice we will retain your deposit.

All parties must be paid in full 7 days prior to your event.
We prefer cash or check.


Join us for a unique experience and delicious pizza at your next event.




View our delicious wood fired pizza menu.